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Richard Hamilton’s Web Pages

Should you have stumbled across it by chance, welcome to my web site!

I use it for test and development (general mucking around), so to the casual onlooker it is a jumble of seemingly random information.  Therefore, I make no apologies for the way it looks, what it contains, and my miscellaneous ramblings!

I work in a small family business, where we make specialist seed sowing machinery for commercial greenhouse growers.  You can find details at www.hamilton-design.co.uk

My real passion is Porsche cars, and I am fortunate to be a proud owner.  You can see links to my past and present vehicles owned by clicking the navigation bar button.

I recently completed writing an 'Ultimate Owners Guide' to the Porsche 996, which was released at the end of April 2012, and you can also click the link to that on the navigation bar.

My cars are looked after by Tony Wright, a close friend for over 44 years, and his web site can be seen at www.wrightune.co.uk